About Me

Running has never been easy for me. I was never an athletic kid, and fell into running kind of by accident; I was inspired by women stronger than I. When I first started running in 2008 I only ran on the treadmill. I didn’t want to be seen. Running was almost a private thing to me. I didn’t really have any friends that ran, and running out in public seemed horribly embarrassing. I don’t really remember how or when it changed, but I stopped caring. Running became my way to free myself from my anxiety. Running became the way I could feel strong and unstoppable. Running gave me confidence and the realization that I am powerful.

I wanted to create something where every woman could feel comfortable sharing her struggles and frustrations of real life. I didn’t want perfect photos showing us in our best light, I wanted real stories of grit and determination. Every run is proof of our grit and hustle.